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Awesome Ball

A combination of handball, ultimate frisbee and basketball
Ball, Two Large Garbage Cans, 10-20 chairs
How To Play

You will need at least a medium sized room, up to a basketball court. At each end of the room, about 6-8 feet from a wall, create a line of chairs facing outwards. Space out the chairs to spread the length of the ends of the room. This creates a sort of endzone area on each end of the room. For bigger rooms the endzone can be bigger. Then place a large empty garbage can in the middle of each end zone, it should be about 3-4 feet beyond the line of chairs. Then all you will need is two teams of 5-15 people and a ball. The ball can be a rubber kick ball or volley ball, nothing too small or too hard.


The goal of the game is simple. Get the more "baskets" than the other team. A basket is made by shooting, or bouncing the ball into the large garbage can, while staying behind the line of chairs. The teams are going opposite directions, shooting on one basket and defending the other. While moving up and down the court, the ball is always live, in the air or on the ground, and can be grabbed by either team. The player with the ball cannot run or walk, they must pass it or shoot it.


-Neither team is allowed to shoot or guard inside the endzone line of chairs, the only time to go in the endzone is for the defensive team to retrieve a loose ball or ball that was scored in the basket.
-If the player shooting the ball steps past the line of chairs it is an automatic turnover
-If a player is caught walking while holding the ball, it is a turnover on the spot.
-A shot made in the garbage can that knocks over the garbage can and then rolls out is not a scored basket. Sometimes the ball will go in knocking over the garbage can but staying in, this is a scored basket.
- Defenders must stay an arm-reach away from the opposing team member holding the ball
- If playing with a mix of boys and girls, sometimes the boys dominate the play, so you can add a variant scoring rule: girls who score a basket count for two points instead of one.
-You can play to a certain number of points scored or a time limit.
81 Ratings
81 Ratings

It really sounded great. But, it turned into an Athletic HS boy game that others didn't enjoy. We used the "a girl must touch the ball" but don't like the sexism. Advice: Make sure to plainly identify teams w/ t-shirts, bandannas, or something. -Stephen (Feb 27, 2013)

Excellent game! Everyone loved it. I highly recommend adding 2 or 3 balls to play. Makes it a little more chaotic, but allows a lot of people to be playing at the same time. Also, we put the trash cans under the basketball hoops. One point for the trash can, two points for the hoop, 5 points for both. -John (Apr 10, 2013)

I played this game! It was good. -Akron U alert('what ... (May 10, 2016)


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