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Bananna Ball

One game, one field. Guys play soccer rules. Girls play like rugby.
A soccer field and soccer ball.
How To Play
The object of the game is, like soccer, is to get the soccer ball in the opposing team's net.

The guys have to play normal soccer rules (can only use their feet, body, head).

Girls may pick the ball up (ONLY IF it is already in the air) and run with it as well as pass it to other girls who may catch it with their hands, or pass it to guys who must receive it and play with it according to soccer rules.

Girls on the opposing team may try to tackle and strip the ball away from girls running with the ball. Guys may stand in the way of girls running with the ball but may not tackle them.

A goalkeeper for each team can play normal goalkeeper rules and can touch the ball with his or her hands regardless of gender.

It can be helpful for the facilitator to make a boundary around each goal which cannot be crossed by either team (specifically to force girls to throw the ball into the goal rather than running it in).
26 Ratings
26 Ratings

Interesting game. I'll try to do this in the next English camp. Thank you -eikyuu (Dec 14, 2012)

*Banana -Spell Check (Dec 13, 2013)

Banana Ball -Spelling Correction (Jun 14, 2014)

spell check banananana -Groovy (Aug 26, 2016)


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