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British Bulldog

Get across without being caught. Similar to sharks and minnows but on land.
How To Play
All the players line up on one end zone of a field. Five preselected players are in the middle and they are the "bulldogs". Those 5 yell out "1-2-3 British Bulldog!"

At that point all of the players run from one side of the field to the other. The bulldogs are trying to "capture" the players before they get to the other side.

In order to capture a player, the bulldogs must lift the player off the ground completely and while they are in the air say "1-2-3 British Bulldog". Bulldogs may team up in order to lift a player off the ground. If a player is captured, they then become bulldogs.

The last player or last few players to not get captured are declared the winners.
16 Ratings
16 Ratings

This could be horrible for kids who feel uncomfortable being touched or about their weight. -Abbie (Jul 17, 2013)

Maybe have a way for a self conscious player to "tap out" when they get caught the can yell 1*2*3 british bulldog and immediately become a bulldog. -Jered (Sep 2, 2013)

or, instead of having to pick people up, change it to tagging people. Start with just on bulldog though. -Random dude (Oct 7, 2013)

Wasn't this banned? -person (Jan 19, 2015)


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