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Car Push

Teams race each other by pushing an actual car from start line to finish.
2 or more vehicles
How To Play
Each team pushes a car

Adult team leader drives and responsible for not hitting anyone/anything.

Race will start at a line and teams will race around certain point and back.
29 Ratings
29 Ratings

Just remember that a car won't steer well without the ignition on (or else you won't have power steering) so the vehicle WILL be harder to steer than usual. Turn the car on, put it in neutral first! -JP (Mar 17, 2013)

We did this with the youth and they never forgot it even years later. You find out quickly that those you think are going to do great do the worst. -SM (Oct 30, 2013)

someone could get killed if the car rolls down a hill -PINK FLUFFY UNICORN (Jul 8, 2016)

I did this with my youth group last year, and they are still talking about it. Find two cars that are similar in size or even the same model (I had two Honda Accords), and make sure that they are going in a straight line. You may have to limit how many people can push so that way there is no chance of someone falling down. Make sure you have a leader in the front with the windows rolled down in case someone does fall. -Joshua (Jul 18, 2016)


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