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Find the Leader

Players subtly follow cues of leader while one player must identify leader
How To Play
Players sit in circle. One player is asked to leave the room. While that player is gone the group decides on who the leader will be for the round. Player outside the room is then allowed back in.

Everyone sitting in the circle then must imitate whatever the leader does (arm motions, facial expressions, etc), but tries not to make it obvious who the leader is.

The player who was outside the room then stands in the center of the circle and tries to guess which player is the leader (by attempting to see who the other players are taking cues from). Player gets 3 guesses. Leader then becomes player who goes outside for the next round.
30 Ratings
30 Ratings

I like this game. Seems simple enough, but we shall see how it turns out with a group of teenage boys. -Sally Suczhitke (Dec 10, 2012)

This was a great game. All of my students thorougly enjoyed it! Now we play it at least once a week. -Karen Williams (Dec 10, 2012)

Seems fun -John Waters (Jan 26, 2013)

We play a similar game called, ASSASSIN. All the rules are the same except the assassin winks to "kill other players. Dead players must lay back. -Camper Mark (Aug 13, 2014)


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