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Gun Name Game

Players learn each others' names by "shooting" other players.
How To Play
Players stand in a circle. A facilitator calls out one of the name of someone in the circle.

The person who gets called tries to duck quickly. The two people on either side of him or her turn towards that person and make a shooting motion and sound.

If the person fails to duck in time, they get shot and are eliminated from the circle. If they do duck in time, whichever of the two shooters shot last is out (as the "bullet" would have gone over the ducked persons head and hit them).

In the end, two people remain. Rock Paper Scissors or the game "Star Wars" can be a good way to resolve this.
14 Ratings
14 Ratings

instructions where not clear 7 dead due to shooting -XD (Apr 15, 2016)

surely there is a better way to signal to students than something so violent as shooting -ReachingHisYouth (Aug 28, 2017)


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