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Players must point at others in a certain way while following a beat.
How To Play
Players form a circle. One person starts it and with their palms together, they make a chopping motion to point at someone else in the circle during which they say "Ha!".

The person who is pointed at must then put their hands (palms together), in the air and say "Ha!".

Following that the two people on either side of the person who was just pointed at must, with their palms together, point inward to that person and say "Ha!" simultaneously.

Then the person who was pointed at points at another, and the pattern continues.

The catch in this game is that players need to follow a certain beat. When played successfully, the game sounds like Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.... all evenly spaced out.

The order that repeats is:
Ha! (person points at someone)
Ha! (person receives point)
Ha! (people adjacent to person pointed at point inward)

If anyone messes up the beat (fails to go, goes too soon), or says "Ha!" when it is not their turn, they are eliminated from the game.
16 Ratings
16 Ratings

We play this saying "Ugh!" instead. It's a camp favorite! -Andrew (Mar 18, 2013)


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