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In the Park

Involves acting and trying to get facilitator to guess what the action is.
How To Play
Facilitator asks group to form teams of 3. A designated area is then defined as the "stage" and all the teams line up, one behind another, to the right of the "stage".

The facilitator asks the groups all together what location they are at. The original location is the "park" but it can be anywhere - a school, country, planet, etc.

When the facilitator says go, the facilitator starts counting down from 5. During this time the first team has 5 seconds to run on stage and perform their action and get the facilitator to guess what they are doing. Things like throwing a baseball or reading a book are actions the team might perform.

If the facilitator fails to guess what they are doing, that team is out and must sit down. If the facilitator guesses it correctly, that team must run to the back of the line and the next team immediately comes on stage as the facilitator again starts counting down from 5.

One more rule that can make things helpful is that teams are not allowed to repeat actions (or else they are eliminated).

The last team left that is not eliminated is declared the winner.
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5 Ratings


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