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Kung Fu

Kung Fu battle with swift movements
How To Play
Players stand in a circle with both their hands in the middle. Everyone says "Kung FU!" and then strikes a kung fu pose.

One person starts, and they have one movement to try and hit anyone in the circle's hand. Once they've made that one movement, they cannot move again unless it's their turn or someone attacks them. If someone attacks you, you're allowed one movement to avoid them hitting your hand. If your hand is hit, you're out. Move around the circle clockwise.
If you fall, you're out. You can use your turn to reset yourself if you're in an unstable kung fu position. You are allowed to move your feet, however, it has to be in one movement.
The faster this game moves, the more fun it is.
This game can be played inside, outside, with very few or a lot of people. It's great when you have a few minutes you need to kill.
15 Ratings
15 Ratings

Also called "Ninja" -Adrian (Oct 16, 2014)

I've played this! It's called Ninja, though -Micah (Jan 11, 2015)

This is absolutely called Ninja. There is no other way. I will fight anyone who says differently. -Puzzle (Jul 14, 2017)


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