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A variation of "Simon Says"
How To Play
Have all the players stand up. If they get out, have them sit down.

The game is a variation of "Simon Says". Options are limited however to the following moves:

1) Up (players put their hands outstretched in front of them, palms up)

2) Down (players put their hands outstretched in front of them, palms down)

3) Nose (players put their hands on their nose)

4) Lobes (players put their hands on their earlobes)

5) Bows (players put their hands on their elbows)

6) Nibble-T-Bibble (players form a gun symbol - like an "L" - out of each hand and wave it back and forth in front of them)

The facilitator of this game uses these 6 actions with the word "order" in front of the word. If the facilitator says order and the players do it, they have done the right thing. If the facilitator does not say order but the players do it, they are out and must sit down. (i.e. "order up" the kids would put their palms up, but if the facilitator just said "up", any players who put their palms up would be out)

It is helpful to have a practice round before starting to allow the players to get used to the rules.
17 Ratings
17 Ratings

This is making a boring game even worse -Simon (Oct 22, 2013)

Used this successfully several times. Great change up on a classic game, and lots of fun. -Dan (Jun 18, 2014)

loved it -jon (Oct 27, 2014)

Not very fun... Eh? -Troll McBobbin (Feb 20, 2016)

I was the champion of this game at camp -Cinder (Aug 21, 2017)

Fun game -Eloise (Nov 16, 2017)


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