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Object Toss Name Game

Compete against the clock in tossing an object and saying players' names.
Throwable Object (such as ball or shoe)
How To Play
Players form a circle.

The first round, the facilitator gives one player the object and tells them to throw it to a player at another point in the circle and, while they throw it, say that players' name (tell them it's okay to ask what other peoples' names are).

That player then throws it to someone else, saying their name. This process continues until everyone has had it thrown to them, at which time it comes back to the original thrower.

After this first round, players are challenged to go as fast as they can. The facilitator, or some other designated player, times the players to see how long it takes them to complete the circuit.

Upon finishing, the facilitator challenges them to be able to do it in X amount of time. (usually a few seconds short or what they completed it in). The facilitator can ask the group if they have any ideas for how to make it go faster.
11 Ratings
11 Ratings


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