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Paper Maze

Players try to guess the route by stepping on a square in the maze.
How To Play
The leader gathers a bunch of paper and lays them out in a grid on the floor (5 x 5, 8 x 8, etc - the larger the more difficult).

The leader then takes another piece of paper which the players never see and draws a representation of the grid on the paper. The leader then draws a route that is the correct way through the paper maze.

The leader then asks all the players to circle up around the grid on the floor. After explaining the object of the game, the leader says that there are two rules. First, that no one may talk. Second, that the only word the leader may say is no.

A player the leader selects starts and begins by stepping onto one of the papers on the perimeter of the grid. If the player stepped on the same piece of paper that the leader marked as the start, the leader remains silent and the player has a chance to take another step. If the player steps on one of the papers that is not the starting page, the leader says no and the player returns, and the next player in the circle gets up.

Players slowly, with guessing, make their way through the maze, having to remember the path that the previous players took. Players continue going one after another from around the circle until the maze has been solved.
22 Ratings
22 Ratings

Name taken. -xyzzer (Jun 23, 2010)

Our high school youth had a blast playing this game! They are still shy around each other, there are about 15-20 each week, and they all felt comfortable laughing together, and clapping together when someone guessed the correct square! Wish we could have that kind of youth group every week! -Matt (Jan 21, 2015)

Played with a mixed group of middle and high school kids, about 10 total, and they loved it. Very engaging. Guys creamed the girls at this game, though. -Dahlia (Mar 5, 2015)


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