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Pictionary Relay

Multiple teams play pictionary in a relay style. First team done wins.
List of objects to draw, one pen for each team, paper for each team.
How To Play
Teams are formed at the start of the game. The facilitator tells each team to get a player ready who is going to start.

When the facilitator starts the game, that first player runs to the facilitator to get the first word. The player then runs back to his team and tries to draw that word out. When any of his or her teammates guess the word, a different player can run up to the facilitator to get the second word and repeat the process.

The team that draws and guesses all of the facilitator's words first is the winner.

Note: For facilitators, it can be helpful to have the person running up tell you the previous object they drew so that it is clear which object they should next be assigned.
19 Ratings
19 Ratings

Nice game -Habtamu (Nov 2, 2009)

this can also be done with playdough instead of drawing! It's so fun! -Lauren (Feb 10, 2010)


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