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Pool Clothes

Race to put clothes on over swimsuit while in pool.
Pool, two sets of clothes
How To Play
Great game for pool party.

Drop two complete sets of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, shoes) into the deep end of the pool and let them sink to the bottom. Have to players start on the opposite end of the pool.

When the facilitator says go, both players must jump in and swim to the clothes on the bottom and begin putting the clothes on while in the water.

The player who gets their set of clothes on first wins.

(Can separate group into teams and have multiple rounds with the team cheering for their player.)
12 Ratings
12 Ratings

This sounds a little dangerous... Kid might force themselves to stay under water longer than they should, disorientation would be dangerous, and the possibility of getting tangled up in loose clothes is extremely high... Not to mention it excludes kids who aren't super athletes... Ridiculous. -A. J. (May 15, 2013)

This can be a fun game, especially on a hot day. Though this is suggested for pool parties, I would recommend camp swim times, where obviously, leaders and counselors should be familiar with their campers' approximate ability if they're in the pool... most have some sort of basic swim test administered before games begin. But honestly so should any adult holding a pool party, realistically. The game itself can be adjusted to shallower water if necessary, and remember, not all pools have a 12-13 foot deep end. I've lifeguarded at pools where the deepest water is 4.5 feet (make sure they don'... -Trick (Jul 8, 2013)

We adapted it a little, so not so deep water. and less clothes and a relay race with teams. Was great -Mark Hamilton (Aug 5, 2013)


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