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Pool Noodle Name Game

Player in middle of circle hits (pool noodle) person who's name is called.
Pool Noodle (or other long narrow object)
How To Play
Players sit in a circle. One player is standing in the middle holding a pool noodle. A player sitting in the circle calls out someone's name who is also sitting in the circle.

The player with the pool noodle tries to hit (gently) the player who's name has been called. The player who has their name called must call out someone else's name before they are hit with the pool noodle. The pool noodle holder then goes after that person.

If a player who's name is called gets hit before they can call out another player's name, the hit player then goes in the middle and has the pool noodle and the prior middle person takes their spot in the circle.

A helpful rule is to not allow players to call out the names of the people sitting next to them.
20 Ratings
20 Ratings


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