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Quarters Up

Facilitator flips a coin, eliminating players picking the incorrect option
Quarter (or other coin)
How To Play
A facilitator stands in front of a group of players explaining he/she has a quarter and will flip it. Students must try and predict if it will be heads or tails.

Players who believe it will land on heads place both their hands on their head. Players who believe it will land on tails place both their hands on their waist.

The facilitator flips the coin and announces the side that wins. Players who chose the wrong side then sit down. Players who chose the correct side remain standing.

Players then can choose their decision for the next flip, and then the facilitator will flip the coin, and those who were wrong that round have a seat. This continues until there is one winner.

For greater student involvement, the facilitator can have a student flip/announce the coin.
5 Ratings
5 Ratings

I am always looking for fun and creative ways to quickly split my group into teams for game time. This game will do nicely. -Jered (Jan 22, 2013)


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