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Raise the Pole

All players put one finger under pole; raise above heads without untouching
Pole (or long straight stick, or similar)
How To Play
Players begin by surrounding a pole that is laying horizontally on the ground. Players all put one finger under pole.

Players must raise pole above all of their heads. If any player loses contact with pole at any point the team must start over.

(Players must work together to not go too fast or too slow)
7 Ratings
7 Ratings

We play this game using thin, long dowels and call it "helium sticks." It's more of a team building activity. The students have to work together to get the stick to go down to the ground from hip height, but it keeps wanting to go up (hence "helium sticks") as students try to keep their fingers touching the stick at all times. It's super hard, few groups can do it. We do groups of four per stick, two on each side. We have also done this with adults. -Jessie (Jun 1, 2015)


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