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Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Item called out, team must get item (ex 3 watches) to facilitator for point
How To Play
Split into teams with 6-8 on a team.

Each team stands in a corner of a room. Facilitator stands in the center.

The facilitator calls out an item. Whatever team gets that item to the facilitator first gets a point.

Examples of items are:
- 3 watches
- 4 cell phones
- a shirt with another language on it
- 3 shoelaces (not in the shoes)
- drivers license
- belly button lint

Whatever team has the most points at the end wins.

(Tip: It can be helpful to say that teams must elect a "runner" who is the only one who can run forward to the facilitator with the item. The team must work together to get the runner whatever item is called out.)
7 Ratings
7 Ratings

Not really a "reverse" scavenger hunt. Teams are still racing to find items -Confused (Sep 9, 2014)


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